Damien Pichot: “How to combine vintage elements with modern style”

Drawing by Damien Pichot founder of Light My Vintage craftsman who manufactures singular lamps

Hello, my name is Damien Pichot, founder of Light My Vintage (LMV). I create and sale high end decorative and original lightings. Each lighting is unique and signed.

My creations are carried out with antique objets and add a particular feel in a home and bring in a sense of history.  With perfect harmony, this items are most commonly associated with plexiglas.Plexiglas can sublimate their apppearance and creates original light effects drawing in perfect balance with the use of old original light bulbs.

All lightings are entirely made by myself in my studio at Auriol : from 3D computer aided design to the electrical assembly. Thanks to me, I give a second life to vintage items, each with their own story to tell.

If you intend to get more information about my products, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would like to wish you all an excellent time on my website.

Dessin du musée d'Auriol dans les bouches du Rhône en France où se situe l'atelier de Damien Pichot créateur de luminaires rétro contemporain