Beautiful pair of art deco wall light the color of the base can be changed via a remote control - Mix and match stylesPicture of a light bulb of Green Lantern lighting with reflection on Plexiglas - Mix and match stylesPicture of a switch timer used in 1940 for urban lighting name of lighting Time is Money beautiful reflexion on plexiglas -  Mix and match stylesPicture of a portable car lamp from the USA the hold-tite can stick on metal objects - Mix and match stylesPicture of an original Osglim bulb from the Second World War used during blackouts - Mix and match styles

Retro and contemporary styles together

A great harmony between retro and contemporary styles that offers Light My Vintage. Light My Vintage with its Handcrafted lightings for your home or commercial premise give unique character to decorating.

Light My Vintage offers for sale unique creations of lamps and ambient lighting made from vintage objects (switch timer, voltmeters, bridge resistors …) and old original bulbs (carbon filament, Osglim , neon …). These objects are sublimated by design materials such as plexiglass and led lighting. These achievements are made entirely by Damien Pichot in the Provençal hinterland.

Finally, you can find Light My Vintage on the following social networks: facebook, pinterest and instagram. I can be reached with the following form : Contact me